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Catalogue “GIACOMETTI & MAEGHT,1946-1966”


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Catalogue of the exhibition “Giacometti & Maeght 1946-1966″ at the Maeght Foundation during the summer 2010.

Texts by Adrien, Isabelle and Yoyo Maeght, Franz- Olivier Giesbert, Olivier Massart.

(…) ” My father suggested that Alberto take over the central agora of the Fondation de Saint-Paul, which was then being built, and that Alberto himself paint the bronzes – and not patinate them – and install them in the courtyard, now known throughout the world as the ‘Giacometti courtyard’. He chose, and often modified, the locations for each of his sculptures: around the “Grande Tête de Diego” he placed the “Femme de Venise” series, the two “Homme qui marche” and the two “Grande Femme debout”… He spends a lot of time at the Foundation. He is happy among his sculptures, he often changes their disposition adding “The Cube”, removing “The Dog”, nothing is fixed. He likes his large figures to be confronted with nature, with trees, with the colour of the brick of the Foundation, or with the colour of the terracotta tiles of the rooms. That’s why he painted some of the bronzes we have at the Foundation, to match the light and colours of the south. (…)” Extract from the interview Adrien Maeght – Franz-Olivier Giesbert

Hardcover191 pages. 150 illustrations in black & white and in colour.

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