Pierre Soulages, Peinture 81 x 60 cm, 28 novembre 1955, huile sur toile, 1955, 81 x 60 cm

Pierre Soulages

Part of a period of pictorial experimentation characterised by thick forms in dialogue with colourful, non-uniform backgrounds, Peinture 81 x 60 cm, 28 novembre 1955 presents large black rectangles applied by brush or knife, juxtaposed on a surface covered with black, yellow and dark red. Standing out against a matt background, the glossy forms create a particular rhythm and attract the eye to a few bright gaps contrasting with the density of the whole.

Fondation Gandur pour l'Art collection

For more information: a catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition At the heart of abstraction. Fondation Gandur pour l’Art collection
Editor: Fondation Maeght
Prefaces: Adrien Maeght and Jean Claude Gandur
Texts: Yan Schubert and Lucie Pfeiffer
Reproduction of all exhibited works
184 pages

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