Jesus-Rafael Soto, Pénétrable, 1992
Jesus-Rafael Soto, Pénétrable, 1992


“Soto’s Penetrable is a work looking to give a sensory form to one of the central ideas of modern science: that the material universe that we know and of which we are an integral part – including space – is essentially, a reality of energy and therefore intangible. As such, the solidity of bodies, their independence from other objects and the space they occupy, are but illusions. Every being in the universe is, thus, intrinsically linked to others. Soto’s work gradually opens up until it becomes penetrable. The forms that materialise, like this parallelepipedal volume, are no longer solid bodies. They become penetrated bodies, and the penetrating beings, which instead of occupying a space, inhabit it “like fish in water”. Bodies and beings cannot be freed from each other: the universe is not a reality dissociated from the consciousness that perceives it.” Ariel Jiménez, art historian

Jesús Rafael SOTO (1923-2005)

In 1967 Soto debuted his series of Penetrables, built using suspended plastic threads through which the viewers can circulate, thus becoming integral to the work. Soto digs into the concept of ​the art of participation; the viewer and the work interact with each other and merge into the same space.

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