Pablo Palazuelo, Omphale II, 1962, huile sur toile, 277 x 207 cm

Omphale II

In Delphi, the omphalos was the large sacred stone that served as the base of the tripod of the Oracle and symbolised both fertility and the centre of the world for the for the Greeks.

Pablo Palazuelo (1916-2007)

After the Spanish civil war, Pablo Palazuelo, a qualified architect, decided to devote himself exclusively to painting. He moved to Paris and only went back to Spain in 1969. His work falls within the scope of a geometric-abstract style founded on the constant exploration of new shapes and their infinite variations. In this respect, Omphale II (1962) reminds you of Pablo Palazuelo’s interest for natural structures – cells, rocks, crystals – of which he carefully observes the arrangements and geometry. He plays skilfully with the painting’s limits, balancing the masses and fault lines to translate a powerful physical impression using artistic means with great sobriety.
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