Bernard Moninot. Ensecrètement

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Bernard MONINOT (1949, Le Fay)

Ensecrètement designates a puppeteer technique where the manipulator’s movements are concealed. The use of highly stylized human representations is a way of returning to childhood and evoking a moment of origin, where two senses intertwine, listening and seeing.

Ensecrètement (Secretly) and the earlier and more important Chambre d’écho (2012-2017) are presented as true miniature theatres which more explicitly involve the use of language alongside movement, or time. The sentence to be read in Ensecrètement, when the words written in letters cut out in mirrors and turning around an axis catch the rays of light, is a quote from Jean-Luc Nancy: « The strange recollection of what was never lodged in a memory ». Two statuettes of a child and a woman are caged inside two parallelepipeds. The larger of the two, made of silk screen, is adorned with a drawing representing shadows of large chandeliers, extinguished chandeleirs perhaps ; in the smaller one, the two characters seem separated by this sentence which speaks of the ambiguity of forgetting, of absence, and which through the play of reflections can be read beyond their enigma vis-àvis, in its projection on the silk crens and on the surrounding walls.

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