Bernard Moninot. Chambre d'écho

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Bernard MONINOT (1949, Le Fay)

Two arrangements are positioned facing each other, a few metres apart. On one side, a cabin resembling the mechanism of a ski lift houses the suspended “sound chandelier”; on the other is stretched the “curtain of patience”, a large transparent screen with an image of a glacier on a mountainside painted on it. The “curtain of patience” is a part of the stage in theatres, hiding objects in the wings before they are brought on stage (here the machinery can be glimpsed through the screen).

Only one element of the work moves: a cylinder made of piano string rotates around its axis a phrase by René Char, “ONLY THE EYES ARE STILL ABLE TO UTTER A CRY“, written during the resistance following the dramatic murder of poet Roger Bernard before his eyes. This phrase, its words cut from mirror, is repeated in infinite reflections by the light. This is the key to the work, providing the tension behind the whole construction. The visual echo of the phrase produces the paradox that the cry is a visual effect. (extract from the Chambre d’écho catalogue, Château de Sucy, 2019 – Bernard Moninot)

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