Jean Degottex, Lignes-Report Noir (III), acrylique et colle sur toile, 30 décembre 1977, 205,5 x 419 cm

Jean Degottex

Jean Degottex moved from gestural signs resembling Oriental calligraphy – as seen in his Horsphères in the 1960s to complex compositions that are far from monochrome. Always searching for a “minimum” form of art, Degottex began to explore a new technique on paper in the mid-1970s, transferring half of the sheet’s surface on to the other half by folding. He then used this imprinting technique in other media, such as his large linen canvases in the series Lignes-Report: “this minimal choice of materials leads to minimal resources and tools. For the operator, this means greater freedom of recognition; for the viewer, a greater openness of perception”. Producing black or white paintings (often on unbleached canvas), he meticulously traced horizontal or oblique lines to create a distinct space in his compositions.

Fondation Gandur pour l'Art collection

For more information: a catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition At the heart of abstraction. Fondation Gandur pour l’Art collection
Editor: Fondation Maeght
Prefaces: Adrien Maeght and Jean Claude Gandur
Texts: Yan Schubert and Lucie Pfeiffer
Reproduction of all exhibited works
184 pages

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