10/08/2023 20:30

On the 6th of July and the 10th of August 2023.

From 7:30 PM: free visit of the exhibition “Jean Paul Riopelle – Essence of studios”.

8:30 PM: the screening beggins.

Non-transferable, non-refundable.


A film screening evening exploring the world of Jean Paul Riopelle.

Joan Mitchell, a woman in abstraction – Stéphane Ghez
France | 2020 | 52 m | French, English

Joan Mitchell is one of the greatest American abstract painters of the post-war period. One of the few women to make her mark in the then male-dominated art world dominated by men. In New York from the 50s onwards, then in France where she lived where she lived until the end of her life, Joan Mitchell developed a unique body of work and has established herself today as a major artist of the XXᵉ century. She is a major artist of the second half of the XXᵉ century. She is also one of the few female figures (the of the great post-war American abstraction, alongside Pollock, Motherwell Pollock, Motherwell, Kline, de Kooning and Rauschenberg. She spent much of her a large part of her life in France, where she had a passionate and tumultuous love affair with the painter Jean Paul Riopelle. Her work was recognised and admired both in New York and in Paris, where she died in 1992.

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