Alberto Giacometti, Le chat, 1951
Alberto Giacometti, Le chat, 1951

The Cat, 1951

The cat that inspired this sculpture is the one that his brother Diego took in. As such the artist related how he saw the animal during an interval: “This cat came towards me, I saw it head on. A cat is slim and can move between two objects that are close together” (Alberto Giacometti put his hands out facing each other about five centimetres apart).

The Cat and The Dog form the only couple of animal figures that remain in Giacometti’s work. Unlike Diego, sculpted representations of animals are rarer in Alberto’s work.

Alberto Giacometti (1901 - 1966)

Aimé Maeght was his art dealer. The artist’s first exhibition was presented at the Galerie Maeght in Paris in 1951. Working with Aimé and Marguerite Maeght, Alberto Giacometti would donate exceptional works, from the first works with surrealist influence until works at the end of his life in the 60s. The Foundation possesses the largest collection of the artist in Europe, with the Zurich Kunsthaus and the Fondation Giacometti in Paris. 

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