Diego Giacometti, Chat maître d’hôtel, Bronze, 29 x 21 x 12 cm

The Giacometti: A Family of Creators

3 July 2021 – 14 November 2021
Extended until the 9th of January

Starting in 2021, the Fondation Maeght proposed a unique event in France with the “The Giacometti: a family of creators” exhibition, which highlights the famous family of artists from the Swiss village of Stampa. Starting with Alberto Giacometti, the most famous member of the family, known for his emblematic threadlike sculptures, the public has been able to discover the work of his father, Giovanni, and his cousin, Augusto, both painters, as well as his two brothers, Diego, the middle brother, sculptor and designer, and Bruno, the youngest brother, architect. This exhibition gave an original overview of this artistic dynasty.

The “The Giacometti: a family of creators” exhibition honors a family of artists. Its curator, Peter Knapp, proposes to showcase the talent and originality of the Giacometti: the world famous Alberto, his father Giovanni, his cousin Augusto, and his two brothers, Diego and Bruno. They were painters, sculptors and architects who left their mark on 20th century art.

Brought together for the first time in France, the Giacometti are five artists with different but intertwined paths. This original exhibition introduces us to the cultural family into which Alberto Giacometti, the most famous among the general public, was born. It bears witness to this family’s place in art and the links forged among the five family members. The exhibition also takes a look at their intimate relationship with their home village, Stampa, in the canton of Grisons, Switzerland, which has now become a must-see in modern art history.

Based on some thirty major sculptures and drawings from the collection, rounded out by a number of paintings, films, archived photographs and objects, the Fondation Maeght is highlighting the unique, extraordinary story of these five artists from the same family: Giovanni Giacometti, painter (1868-1933), his three sons, Alberto Giacometti, painter, draftsman and sculptor (1901-1966); Diego Giacometti, sculptor and designer (1902-1985) and Bruno Giacometti, architect (1907-2012) and, lastly, their cousin Augusto Giacometti, painter (1877-1947).

Guest curator: Peter Knapp, a multidisciplinary artist (photography, graphic artist, painter, filmmaker and videographer), artistic director of the collection of books entitled “Contemporain” published by the Centre Georges Pompidou, and co-author of three books on Alberto Giacometti, including “The Five Giacometti”.

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