François Fiedler, Sans titre, 1960, huile sur toile, 145,5 x 96 cm

No Title

The work of François Fiedler is made from the contradiction between the roughness and fluidity of the drips. It bears the mark of the metamorphosis between matter and light. Fiedler questions a radiant “light-matter”. Through light, Fiedler links visible and invisible. He reveals and forms obvious figures and obscure shapes in an inextricable way.

François Fiedler (1921-2001)

François Fiedler is a Hungarian artist who set up in Paris in 1946. Miró introduced him to Aimé Maeght and he joined the Maeght gallery. Apart from painting, which remains his main means of expression, Fiedler experimented with the resources of engraving with etching for many years.
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