Bernard Moninot. Objets de silence

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Bernard MONINOT (1949, Le Fay)

“This project originated from a dream in which an unknown artist was making sculptures from silence. This table is an initial approach to producing such a sculpture. The function of the invented objects is to signify silence. The vases contain sound pictures impregnated with white sand, giving these sound shapes the appearance of frost.” Bernard Moninot

Various objects are laid out on a large glass table, including cylinders that each contain a delicate spiral. One can also see tuning forks, which one would not dare strike for fear of breaking them, and a cylinder which contains a stack of white discs of different diameters. The diameter of these white discs, like those of the spirals, were determined by the different wavelengths of a sonogram: that of a voice pronoucing the word « silence ». On the surface of the table are added shadows that are oddly black of these transparent objects. The shadows are fake, made from ink toner powder – ink used in laser printers – affixed to aluminium sheets.


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