Pierre Bonnard, L'été, 1917 Huile sur toile, 260 x 340 cm.
Pierre Bonnard, L'été, 1917 Huile sur toile, 260 x 340 cm.


This Mediterranean-inspired composition was initially intended for one of the studies at the Winterthur residence of the Hahnlosers, Swiss collectors and friends of the painter. Bonnard made a mistake over the dimensions required for the panel. Too big, the composition was returned to him.

Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947)

“Bonnard was the great turning-point in my life; he became, step by step, my great friend,” said Aimé Maeght. And the feeling was mutual, as the painter confided to Thadée Natanson: “If I had had a son, I would have wanted him to be like that.”

In 1932, Aimé Maeght opened the first Arte print shop, in Cannes. Then he met Pierre Bonnard, with whom he forged an unwavering friendship. The artist became Aimé’s mentor and encouraged him so keenly to devote himself to art printing that Aimé decided to expand his business and found his own publishing house. At liberation, with support from Bonnard and Matisse, Maeght left Cannes and opened a gallery in Paris. Galerie Maeght opened with the Henri Matisse exhibition in December 1945, and soon became a meeting-place for artists and poets.

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