Alexander Calder, Trois soleils jaunes, 1965, mobile

Les trois soleils jaunes (Three Yellow Suns)

Alexander Calder is known for his “mobiles” and “stabiles”. Before him, no one knew that a “mobile” was a sculpture in motion. We owe the term to Marcel Duchamp. Calder recounted the scene as follows: “There was an object with three elements. The object had just been painted and was not yet dry. Marcel said to me: ‘May I?’ He put his hand on it and the object appeared to please him (…) I asked him what I should call these objects and he immediately said ‘mobile’.”

Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976)

The American sculptor and painter Alexander Calder was put in touch with Aimé Maeght by Christian Zervos, editor of Cahiers d’art. He began showing his mobiles in June 1950 at Galerie Maeght. It was the start of a long association and a long friendship.

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