Alexander Calder, Les deux yeux, 1974, gouache sur papier, 75 x 110 cm

Les deux yeux

Alexander Calder is famous for his mobiles and stabiles, but also enjoyed using gouache. He started painting in gouache on paper from the middle of the 1950s after settling in Touraine, in the centre of France. He had fun calling one of the workshops that he used for painting the “gouacherie”, referring to its previous use as a pigsty (porcherie). Just as for his mobiles, movement remains at the heart of some of his gouaches but which is flat on this occasion. The relationship between these works and those of Miró, who Calder met in 1928 in Paris, can be clearly seen. The two artists became great friends.

Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976)

The American sculptor and painter Alexander Calder was put in touch with Aimé Maeght by Christian Zervos, editor of Cahiers d’art. He began showing his mobiles in June 1950 at Galerie Maeght. It was the start of a long association and a long friendship.

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