Wifredo Lam, La Fiancée de Kiriwina, 1949
Wifredo Lam, La Fiancée de Kiriwina, 1949, huile sur toile, 124 x 109 cm

La fiancée de Kiriwina

This painting from 1949 represents a wild woman with an animal rump wearing a mask and a very particular headpiece composed of decorative frames. It is a “woman horse”, as Wifredo Lam was used to painting, a therianthropic creature that gives a human one of the main characteristics of the animal represented with which it is combined with.

Wifredo Lam (1902-1982)

Lam was an internationally-renowned Cuban painter who initiated mixed painting combining Western modernism and African or Caribbean symbols. He mixed with all the avant-garde movements of his time – Cubism, surrealism, CoBrA – which encourage freedom, favouring access to the subconscious or exploring the wonderful, through graphic automatism…
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