Jean Cortot, Eloge de Reverdy, 1991, huile sur toile, 195 x 129,5 cm

Eloge de Reverdy

“Painting what is in books” is at the heart of Jean Cortot’s artistic approach. He pays tribute to poets, Pierre Reverdy in this case, but also his long-time friends and people he admired like more recent friendships in other accolades. Pierre Reverdy, Jean Giono, Louise Labé, Goethe or James Joyce stand side by side in his personal pantheon.

Jean Cortot (1925-2018)

Jean Cortot was a painter, passionate reader, poet and writer, and more than anything defines himself as a “text predator”, whether literary, poetic or philosophical, with which he covers his paintings like the books he loves. Jean Cortot started a dialogue with writing from the fifties. His paintings included words, then quotes, before being filled with whole poems.
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