Bram van Velde, Composition abstraite, 1954, gouache sur papier marouflé sur toile, 187 x 149 cm

Composition abstraite

Whereas a number of post-war abstract painters put the accent on gestures and limited their palettes to ranges of browns, blacks and greyish-browns, Bram Van Velde’s painting was an assertion of unquestionably colourful jubilation.

Bram van Velde (1895-1981)

This self-taught artist from the Netherlands arrived in Paris in the twenties, and looked to Fauve and Expressionist influences and their colourful explosions. His works are filled with a powerful tension, that can be felt through the shapes that entirely cover the painting. The convulsive gesture, turbulence, drips, all seem to speak of urgency in executing the painting, as if carried away by an autonomous impetus aiming to completely and turbulently cover the canvas.
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