Sam Francis, Ariel Coral Free III, 1970
Sam Francis, Arial Coral Free III, huile sur toile,

Ariel Coral Free III

From the 1960s, Sam Francis created white paintings simply edged in colours. He dedicated his paintings to his angels, alluding to infinity in what he can produce in terms of illuminations. The void surges forth, like a gulf of light at the edge of which we identify with the space that is as absorbent as it is radiant, like the prefiguration of an ultimate state of consciousness or an invitation to reinvent the sky.

Sam Francis (1923-1994)

Samuel Lewis Francis, known as Sam Francis, was an American artist who was born in 1923 in San Mateo (California) and died in 1994 in Santa Monica. He is a representative of non-figurative painting and more particularly Action Painting in the United States, a movement for which the very action of painting is undertaken with no preconceived ideas of the final result. It’s the act, the artist’s gesture that takes precedence.
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