Alberto Giacometti, Lustre, 1949

Chandelier, 1949

The chandelier was originally created around 1949 by Alberto Giacometti for Aimé and Marguerite Maeght’s apartment on Avenue Foch in Paris. On completion, the chandelier was finally installed in the early 1950s at Mas Bernard, the property of the Maeght family in Saint-Paul de Vence. This chandelier contains representations of a walking man, a standing woman and a bird. To this day it has never left the living room of Mas Bernard. For the first time, Adrien Maeght, President of la Fondation has agreed to display this unique chandelier publicly as part of the exhibition “The Giacometti: a family of creators”.

Alberto Giacometti (1901 - 1966)

During the thirties, Alberto created a series of decorative accessories for his friend, the interior decorator Jean-Michel Franck, such as door knobs, candelabra, chandeliers, tables, chairs, etc., and always together with Diego. After the war, in 1947 my parents assigned the redecoration of their new apartment to the interior decorator André Arbus, and asked Alberto to create a chandelier for their dining room and, later, another chandelier for their house in Saint-Paul de Vence. It is Alberto who designed the banister of the stairs leading to the upper floors, but it was Diego who built it from his brother’s drawings. After Alberto’s death in 1966, Diego gave free rein to his talent and created for my parents and a few friends several furniture items such as tables, chairs, consoles, wall lamps, etc. Adrien Maeght

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