Espace, Espaces ! / Space, Spaces

Espace, Espaces ! / Space, Spaces

A new look at the collection of the Maeght Foundation

26 March - 16 May 2016

With a collection among the most important in Europe, the Maeght Foundation brings together an extraordinary group of modern and contemporary art. For its spring exhibition, director Olivier Kaeppelin has chosen a unique reinterpretation based on the creation of space, questioned as a place of transformation by the artists. More than 100 works from the Foundation – paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints – as well as some "invited" works are brought together in a renewed encounter, built around the plurality of worlds and the vitality of spaces.

"Through the works themselves, and through the relationships that develop between the works, the artist offers a new space that he tries to inhabit and which he offers to share with us. This transformation, whether it is near or foreign to us, concerns us all. This interpretation concerns the body, architecture, existence and the forms around us", explains Olivier Kaeppelin.

In the Maeght Foundation’s rooms and outdoor areas, the exhibition plays with disciplinary, aesthetic and poetic boundaries to highlight the great creators of space from the collection. The display of the works does away with schools and ready-made thinking and lets visitors discover or rediscover major works or the most secret, rarely seen works.

In this exhibition, the Maeght Foundation presents a panorama of modern and contemporary artists : Valerio Adami, Jean-Michel Alberola, Jean Arp, Eduardo Arroyo, Balthus, Jean Bazaine, Anna-Eva Bergman, Georges Braque, Pol Bury, Damien Cabanes, Alexander Calder, Louis Cane, Alan Davie, Jean Degottex, Nicolas de Staël, Erik Dietman, Eugène Dodeigne, Claudine Drai, Jean Dubuffet, François Fiedler, Sam Francis, Lars Fredrikson, Wolfgang Gäfgen, Gérard Garouste, Gérard Gasiorowski, Alberto Giacometti, Lionel Godart, Julio González, Simon Hantaï, Hans Hartung, Barbara Hepworth, Fabrice Hyber, Jörg Immendorff, Paul Jenkins, Ellsworth Kelly, Joël Kermarrec, Ladislas Kijno, Konrad Klapheck, Jean Le Gac, Brice Marden, Jean Messagier Jean-Michel Meurice, Henri Michaux, Joan Miró, Joan Mitchell, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, François Rouan, Jean-Claude Ruggirello, Pierre Soulages, Sui Jianguo, Saül Steinberg, Sam Szafran, Pierre Tal Coat, teamLab, Gérald Thupinier, Anne Tréal-Bresson, Raoul Ubac, Geer van Velde, Vladimir Velickovic, Claude Viallat, Jan Voss.