Gérard Garouste

Gérard Garouste

"On the way"

27 juin - 29 novembre 2015

Gérard Garouste’s popularity is only equaled by his singularity. "Never ask directions from someone who knows the way, you risk not getting lost": this quote from Rabbi Nachman of Bratsla tells all about the whole process of the artist, who chooses figuration and the study of myths just as he uses the adventures of Don Quixote or of Tintin, to better explore human identity today.

The Maeght Foundation dedicates its summer exhibition to Gérard Garouste. It pays tribute to this enigmatic painter who has been exhibited in major galleries and national and international museums since the 1980s. This exhibition invites us to walk along with the artist, to discover or better understand the movement from which his principle is built. After an exhibition dedicated to Jörg Immendorff, Olivier Kaeppelin, Director of the Maeght Foundation wishes, with Gérard Garouste, to continue questioning the engaged figure of the artist.

The exhibition proposed by the Maeght Foundation is an opportunity to discover a set of about 80 paintings, sculptures and drawings with new works, specially created in 2015 for this exhibition.

The exhibition layout proposed reads like a provocative journey of interpretations and free associations. The exhibition presents figures that become more familiar through the discoveries, or, instead, become more foreign. Scenes from literary or mythological inspiration interact with family portraits and friends, like a game of funhouse mirrors. The relationships between the works follow the thread of restless thought that the creator offers us.