Opening of the exhibition "Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent ?" ("Is this how men live?")

Opening of the exhibition "Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent ?" ("Is this how men live?")

The Maeght Foundation Collection

The Maeght Foundation has one of the most important collections in Europe which brings together an extraordinary collection of modern and contemporary works of art. After the exhibitions "50 artistes, une collection", "Face à l'œuvre", "Espace, Espaces!” and following the recent exhibitions by artists A. R. Penck and Eduardo Arroyo, the Maeght Foundation, this winter, presents a new and enriching interpretation concerning "humanity and its representations". The title "Is this how men live?” is taken from the famous lines of Louis Aragon, set to music by Léo Ferré, "... Is this how men live and their kisses follow them in the distance...". More than 100 works - paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints - will be on display from December 16, 2017 to March 11, 2018 in a new exhibition of works built around the humanistic dimension of the collection. It therefore speaks about existence and human beings, with their contradictions, their struggles, their hopes.

Inside the rooms and outside spaces of the Maeght Foundation, the exhibition has been built on representations of human beings in social or intimate relationships. "It's all about decor." Centered around the human figure are the bodies, their environments, with their excesses, their sufferings or joys, their truths or their utopias. Words taken from a Jean Cortot painting praising the poet Pierre Reverdy greet the visitors and reveal the spirit of the exhibition: "My heart, my skin, my bowels, the internal marks of my dreams...". Through the works, the exhibition offers a rediscovery of major pieces from the collection and the discovery of works rarely shown or never before seen. It takes the visitor through different themes: the gaze, the positions of the bodies, the mechanics and human geographies, the gestures of work or celebration, games and theatres, towns and villages, dreams, excesses and misbehaviors and finally, silence and solitude.

The many artists presented in the exhibition : Pierre ALECHINSKY, Pat ANDREA, ARMAN, Jean ARP, Eduardo ARROYO, Atelier Francis BACON, Georges BRAQUE, Alexander CALDER, Louis CANE, Marc CHAGALL, Eduardo CHILLIDA, Jean CORTOT, Tibor CSERNUS, Marco DEL RE, Erik DIETMAN, Eugène DODEIGNE, Jean DUBUFFET, Alekos FASSIANOS, Jean-Michel FOLON, FRANTA, Gérard FROMANGER, Wolfgang GÄFGEN, Claude GARACHE, Gérard GASIOROWSKI, Alberto GIACOMETTI, Julio GONZÁLEZ, Fabrice HYBER, Vassily KANDINSKY, Joël KERMARREC, Peter KLASEN, Louis LE BROCQUY, Fernand LÉGER, Luigi MAINOLFI, Henri MATISSE, Joan MIRÓ, Jacques MONORY, Jean-Luc and Titi PARANT, Ernest PIGNON-ERNEST, Louis PONS, Paul REBEYROLLE, Germaine RICHIER, Saül STEINBERG, Sam SZAFRAN, Pierre TAL-COAT, Djamel TATAH, Anne TRÉAL-BRESSON, Raoul UBAC, Vladimir VELIČKOVIC, Henk VISCH.