CATALOGUE Eduardo Arroyo Dans le respect des traditions

CATALOGUE Eduardo Arroyo Dans le respect des traditions

The exhibition catalogue, Eduardo Arroyo, Dans le respect des traditions, is published by Flammarion and includes texts by Eduardo Arroyo, Daniel Rondeau, Fabienne Di Rocco, Olivier Kaeppelin and Adrien Maeght. It provides an understanding of the painter's work through his political, aesthetic and epic choices, his exile, his caustic wit and his passion for literature. This catalog is both an intellectual biography and an indispensable guide which follows the work through the abundance of colors and styles to the use of writing and literature.

224 pages, 200 illustrations, 205 x 250 mm, 35€.

Available at the Fondation Maeght bookstore. Information and order: + 33 (0)4 93 32 09 79 or

Along with the catalog, Flammarion is publishing the translation of Bambalinas (Galaxia Gutenberg, Barcelona, 2016), a kind of hidden biography entitled Deux balles de tennis.

On the same date, Galilee is publishing Eduardo Arroyo et le Paradis des mouches, a biography written by Fabienne Di Rocco, with over 40 original drawings by Eduardo Arroyo.