Exhibition calendar 2017 A.R. Penck and Eduardo Arroyo

Exhibition calendar 2017 A.R. Penck and Eduardo Arroyo

To paint or sculpt the tribulations of humanity when it is in a state of turmoil; to have as a subject its challenges, its thoughts, its imaginary representations from the Lascaux caves to urban graffiti; to have as a focus its history, its power plays, its theaters and its masks: these are the issues that the exhibitions of artists A.R. Penck and Eduardo Arroyo will explore in 2017.

In the spring, from March 18 to June 18, the exhibition of German artist A.R. Penck will unveil the extraordinary artistic force of his pictograms and sculptural vocabulary bringing with it epic series of cultures and dreams.

In the summer, from July 1 to November 12, the Spanish figurative painter Eduardo Arroyo will take his place on the walls of the Fondation Maeght with an irony that plays with mythological or political scenographies.

"If art is one of the most insightful and accurate ways to understand human psychology, to bring the truth of an individual to light, it can also strive to express not the identity of a person but the identity of a "humanity", of a group of men confronted with time or history. Art takes a legendary dimension with A.R. Penck and a political one with Eduardo Arroyo when they attempt to represent the games, the symbols, the languages and the “chansons de geste” of this humanity," explains Olivier Kaeppelin. "Adrien Maeght and I also thought it was interesting to think about the dialogues that their works have with those of Giacometti and Miró for Penck and with Léger and Picabia for Arroyo.”


A.R. Penck, Ohne Titel (Gruppe), 1961. // Vorstoß, 2010. © Adagp Paris 2017 - Courtesy Galerie Michael Werner Märkisch Wilmersdorf, Köln & New York.
Eduardo Arroyo, Arthur Quiller‐Couch dit Q.What odds?, 2016. Photo Claude Germain. // Double portrait de Bocanegra ou le jeu des 7 erreurs, 1964. Photo DP. 
© Adagp Paris 2017.

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