Georges BRAQUE

(1882 - 1963)

French painter, sculptor and engraver born in Argenteuil on 13 May, 1882 and died in Paris on 31 August,  1963.

Even before Aimé Maeght had the idea of creating a foundation,  Saint Paul de Vence was already a place chosen by the artists. Georges Braque had just spent, as he did every year, the months of January and February there.  Marguerite and Aimé Maeght had lost their youngest son, Bernard, in 1953 to leukemia.  Braque encouraged them to do something that would help them to overcome their grief.
"Braque had a funny idea, he wanted me to do something to show painting, sculpture, something important that was beyond me, which absorbed me, which got me out of the hole that pain had dropped us into.” Aimé Maeght told Fernand Léger.

The project for the Maeght Foundation was launched in 1957 and work began in 1960.  Georges Braque supervised the installation of a stained glass window in the chapel and the creation of a mosaic in the patio’s pool. He unfortunately died in the summer of 1963, months before the inauguration of the Foundation.
"Of all the artists I've known, including Bonnard”, recognizes Aimé Maeght, “he is the one I’ve spent the most time with for nearly twenty years.”

Georges Braque's large mosaic pool at the Maeght Foundation, Les Poissons  (1963), is one of the last important works of the artist which combines the simplicity of traditional material with found elementary forms and colors. It therefore fits into the initial project of Marguerite and Aimé Maeght and the architect Josep Lluís Sert, to create a building that preserves nature and integrates art with architecture.

"Braque was an artisan who always kept this character with this restraint and nobility for the love of the profession ", said Aimé Maeght.

Atelier VIAtelier VILes poissons,Les poissons (détail)Oiseau mauve et blanc
Atelier VI, 1950 - 1951

Huile sur toile
130 x 162,5 cm
Les poissons,, 1963

Bassin Braque
Mosaïque, 460 x 1214 cm
Les poissons (détail), 1963

Bassin Braque
Mosaïque, 460 x 1214 cm
Oiseau mauve et blanc, 1962

192 x 142 cm